It is well known that not only a good oboe and a perfekt embouchure  are decisive

for a beautiful oboe tone; a good oboe reed is equally imperative.


Thus, two oboists after a short while usually come to the same topic: the oboe reed.

In the field of oboe reed making, hardly anybody likes being watched too closely for

fear of giving away the secrets of the “magic oboe reed”.


During my numerous courses on oboe reeds making I have again and again been encouraged to commit my many years of experience (22 years of reed making) to paper.With this illustratet book (meant for both beginners and professional reeds makers) I hope to be making a contribution towards enabling you to make your own oboe reeds. While compiling this book I benefited gratly from the fact that I earnet my “pocket money” as a hobby photographer when I was a student. So I could take all photos myself and process them in my own photographic laboratory.
I took great care to show each working phase from an opotimum point of view of the reed maker, both concerning manual work and the more elaborate machine version.

Most of machines – except planing machines and shapers are “ home – made “, designet on the basis of “ Sunday intuitions”.

This rule is still valid: The better the cane quality, the better ar your chances of obtaining a more beautiful tone – providet you follow the instructions minutely.
I myself and my costumers can benefit from my very good relations with the French suppliers of cane.


Concerning my photographic illustrations I assume that it is known that this special cane, named “arundo donax”, grows both wild and cultivated on plantations in the region of the French Mediterranean coast. It can be orderet the kilo or by the sack ( as I order it ). At home, the correct way of seasoning is very important.

Everything else you can observe through the lens of my Leica camera, following the motto: “ Please turn over the page – carry on “.


Just like musik, pictures don’t have to be translated. Thus all language barriers are removed.


I wish you all a lot of succes making your own oboe reeds, and also great fun copying the work-facilitating machines shown.

Michael  U n t c h                                                                         Maria – Thann / Germany
Oboist, Oboe-teacher, Oboe reed maker                                                                                           Summer 2000

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